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[Rec] The Love Series

At first, this story caught my attention because of its lenght.  I'll admit it, I love long stories.  Then, it was its content.  I love nice told tales even more.

What I like about this one, is that the writer adapts the reality to the fiction and make a beautiful tale out of it.  There are a lot of hot scenes, hot sex and well, lots of yummy AJ and Kevin.

Taken from The Reading Room:

The Love Series by Kat B.
Book 1 - Broken Love
AJ is completely obsessed with Kevin - will this drive him down the path of complete self-destruction? And what is happening between him and Nick?
The first book of this angsty but absolutely awesome series has 16 chapters. It links over to Kat’s site, Sanctified Sin.

Book 2 - Making Amends: Mending Love
It deals with the first couple weeks after Alex gets out of rehab, and how he and Kevin deal with what happened in Boston…and how they feel about each other. There is a curveball here. Nick. He has feelings for Alex…and it’s going to complicate things.
The just as wonderful second book has also 16 chapters. This links over to Kat’s site, Sancitified Sin.

Book 3 - Living Love
This deals with what happens after Kevin and AJ first get together. It only takes place over the course of about a week but a lot happens in that short time. Alex is dealing with staying sober and his insecurities with his relationship with Kevin, Kevin has trust issues and jealousy issues, Nick finds an emotional connection to someone he least expects, and Brian and Howie are having their own problems.
The next book of this wonderful series - but not the last! 14 chapters - links over to Kat’s site, Sancitified Sin.

Book 4 - Keeping Love - (In progress)
Brian and Leigh are on the brink of a break-up, Howie’s having issues he won’t talk about, Nick and JC have found their way together — now they have to find a way to stay together, and Kevin and Alex are together and seemingly happy, but there are still obstacles in their way. They’re
going to discover that finding love together was the easy part, the hard part is Keeping Love…
Final book of the Love Series - links over to Kat’s site, Sancitified Sin.

Happy Richbone Day ^^

I meant to post this before, but I just couldn't, however, the day is not over yet.

So, Happy Richbone Day to everyone who celebrated it.  And to my dearest Kevin and AJ, hope you've had enjoyed it...properly *coughs*

Word Count: 1336
Character : AJ Mclean & Kevin Richardson– BSB
Version : Alfa  Beta

Richbone Day Challenge.

 What a better way to start this community than by opening a challenge for Richbone Day on February 12th.

The challenge is pretty simple, base your stories, arts, icons, etc on the word "Snog".

Anything relaterd to sneaking away from friends in pursue of an intimate moment is more than welcome.

May this week be of great inspiration.


This community is created basicaly for the fictional relationship between Kevin and AJ from the Backstreet Boys.

What's going to happen with it, I don't know, but I'll try to post stuff from them as soon as I find anything that's interesting...or yummy.

Anyways, may the gods bless this place and may you all enjoy what you might find in here..

Now I gotta start organising the profile, and looking for icons and all that jazz  :D